generic creation & process automation

Scripting of Adobe Creative Suite applications with ExtendScript, Blender / Rhino 3D applications with Python, as well as experimental projects with Processing / p5.js and OpenFrameworks

Mubi Check

Aggregator of information relating to all movies currently showing on the film platform Mubi. I was mostly interested in displaying the availability of English subtitles in an overview without having to access sub-level film pages on their website.


Mute Conversation

An online art project by the artist Yuri Pattison which was commissioned by ICA. Two chat-bots, one trained by the artist, the other an instance of the publicly accessible Cleverbot, have a conversation in real time. All chats are logged for future use.

launch on ica website


Upgrade of New York fashion designer's website to html5 and php technology.

Yuri Pattison

An online art project commissioned by Legion TV. The navigate-by-scroll interface reveals multiple interwoven layers of content that is fed - partially time dependent - from various archival sources. It also contains interactive 3d models of fragments of the meteor that fell to earth over Russia this year.


The Google Image Clock

An online application I developed for the artist Perce Jerrom. It displays the current time in results of google image searches for each digit.

Samara Scott

A 43 level multi-popup online video art project commissioned by Legion TV. Samara selected, combined and configured a selection of her mesmerising video footage. I developed the framework that enables the different layouts to play in a sequencial loop.

archived documentation on the Legion TV website

Bryan Dooley

Bryan's web app 'Buffalo Bill' is the latest of the online art projects commissioned by Legion TV. Visitors can assemble and paint objects onto an image to create a unique composition which they can download and print. Developed in html5 with the excellent easelJs library.

archived documentation on the Legion TV website

Shona Macnaughton

I helped Shona with the development of her online art project 'Vanitas Link Rot' with Legion TV. It consists of collages that are linked to ads on the gumtree website. Once an ad page gets deactivated, the correspondent part of the collage disappears.

archived documentation on the Legion TV website

Adham Faramawy

As part of my involvement with Legion TV, I helped Adham with the production of a commissioned desktop app, 'Total Flex 2'.

project info on Legion TV website

Legion TV

Launch of contemporary art space in London. Ongoing support of their web based projects.


Expedition Workshed

Latest update for London based structural engineering company.

Wonka Styleguide

Interactive style guide DVD for Nestle brand. Developed for and with Williams Murray Hamm.


cv / work

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thomas poeser

[, MA fine art, designer]

diploma (MA) in electrical engineering

[product development]

technical university (TU) of darmstadt, germany


[optical disc drive development]

optical research inc., boulder, colorado, usa

SENTHA - design for elderly people

[interdisciplinary project of DFG]

TU berlin, germany

post graduate studies in semiotic

TU berlin, germany

post graduate course in multimedia design

L4 - institut fuer neue medien, berlin, germany

final work: perception - art cd-rom, group project

top 10 of the students' contest at the 1999

EuroPrix MultiMedia Art, vienna, austria


[multimedia design]

meso, frankfurt am main, germany


- websites for non-commercial organisations/ small businesses

- interactive projection at IFA - Berlin

- experimental work in collaboration with berlin based artists

- tutoring multimedia courses

- screen design for Deutsche Bank in london, uk

- tutor for futuristic/scientific youth exhibition/workshops

LAB01 (by daimler-chrysler)

interactive design

digit - digital experiences, london, uk

involved in conception, (programmed)animation,

coding (html, javascript, perl, lingo, actionscript),

experimental work (digital-experiences, fake-i-d),

interactive installations (adidas, st.luke's)

fake-i-d : consequence : archived demo version

projects: mtv2, expo2000, independiente, sonnetti,

transeden, disney liveChannel & toons, habitat, digit2001,

the loop agency, st.luke's, deutsche bank, warwick arts centre,

tyo-id/sony, several pitches..

side projects: repeat-to-fade (for sounds designer owen lloyd),

edcplc (european design centre w/ kevin helas)


'A virtual home for Li Tie', interactive installation

hometime exhibition, touring china 2003/2004

with/for digit/The British Council

british council - hometime

images from the exhibition

Michael Keller, fashion design

archived version

FINLAY|HARPER, architects & designers, with rogerlondon

archived version

Jenny Lounge, fashion design, with the miracleagency

archived version

Dunhill, accessories, d-eight screensaver/banner

archived version

altovisio [NTT Communications]

with mono, owen lloyd for unit9, tyo-id

archived version

redbull vertsessions

with bionic systems, owen lloyd for lessrain

archived version

ambience, interactive website header, for rogerlondon

enya ltd, menswear fashion distributer

ted baker, for/with fold7

horlicks, for/with sennep

samsung experience, for/with imagination

fold7, with fold7 for fold7

redbull art of can, w/ owen lloyd for lessrain

motomotion, w/ owen lloyd for allOfUs/motorola

rpm, for/with sennep

redbull railstorm, for/with lessrain

axel hoedt photography

marc von holleben, with noisebydesign

edc, w/ rogerlondon, paul webb, mikkel askjaer

heiko prigge photography

spacedout, w/ rogerlondon, logo by minddesign

BBC Raw Quickreads for/with milocreative

julian broad for/with 1k

BBC Blast character tool for/with milocreative

laetitia negre

BBC Strictly Dance Fever quiz-game for/with milocreative

A.S.C. Studios w/ Yuki Miyake

jenne o w/ 1k

BBC Football Match Reporter tutorial + game for/with milo

Channel 4 - Royal Palaces with Guy Holbrow

IDA - Make your mark for/with Imagination

images from the exhibition

Katharina Koenig with Lessrain's Carsten Schneider

Expedition Engineering for/with Sennep

Philips Aurea for/with Unit9

Channel 4 - Life Recycled with Guy Holbrow


Numina - seasonal lookbooks and updates

Expedition Workshed for/with Sennep


Interactive designer at

Syrup in New York City.

diverse projects including: issey miyake,

harajuku lovers, calvin klein, tomasz gudzowaty

MA Fine Art, UK

MA Fine Art at Byam Shaw School of Art,

Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, UK

PgCert Academic Practice in Art, Design and Communication

University of the Arts London, UK

since 2012
Fine Art, Design, Development & Teaching

Artistic studio practice.

online art portfolio

Active support of contemporary art space in London.

Legion TV

Devicing of camera obscura boxes for Tate Britain.

The Google Image Clock for artist Perce Jerrom.

Numina - relaunch as html / php driven site.

Mute Conversation for artist Yuri Pattison

launch on ica website

Technical Support at University of the Arts London, UK

Tutorials in handling of Adobe Suite applications and

workshops in creative coding / scripting applications.

Tutor 'Basics of Programming' (JavaScript, C++) at

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Berlin



. . . . . . . . .
thomas poeser