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hola compagneros! tp23 selfishly decided to send out newsletters to people like you, who might enjoy staying informed. they will come sporadically and hopefully will not annoy you. if you do not wish to receive any future issues, though, please let us know and you are out.

special a programmed animation, exclusively for newsletter readers. based on spirograph equations with a reshaping, ornamental twist. launch special

archive tp23 has now an online archive - with images, repesentation options, index and search feature. it is right to say that basically it is a search engine for tp23 stuff.
it is also possible to point to a specific search query, like here to the term newsletter.

home recordings 8X-97 a collection of various music mr. thomas poeser has done mid/end 80's until 97.

enya ltd website for a menswear fashion distributer. their brands are of a sporty/casual kind. think golf for breakfast then sailing or driving your jeep through the desert before enjoying the sunset with your beautiful scandinavian partner. sophisticated!

michael keller website for london fashion designer. they are hip and into street wear. recently their autum/ winter 04 collection has been added to the site.

redbull website for their vertsessions - that is bmx and skateboarding on a vertical ramp [halfpipe]. the site offers top-notch viral marketing facilities and a hidden 'zap the audience' robot game.
although live for quite a while, there are additions still in progress.. head of project: lessrain. all graphics by bionic systems.