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hi there! now here it is - number 2 of the tp23 newsletter. the first one is archived.
if you do not wish to receive any future issues, please let us know and you are out.
very much noteworthy might be that tp23 recently relocated and can now be found at the above address.

special no tp23 newsletter without an exclusive programmed piece. it's audiovisual! launch special

archive tp23 has an online archive - with images, repesentation options, index and search feature.

home recordings 8X-97 a collection of various music mr. thomas poeser has done mid/end 80's until 97.

motomotion interactive installation with AllOfUs that was running on the miami music conference as promotion for motorola phones. dance moves of visitors were captured and transformed into downloadable ringtones and screensavers. all live while watching yourself on a big LED wall triggering lush graphics.

redbull this time 'the art of can' needed a website. center piece is an inteactive art-creator with which you can build stuff and send it to a friend.
done with lessrain and owen lloyd's sound design.

fold7 their new website. they still have to get the content for the archive together. what is already there is nice and conceptual clean, though.

samsung experience parts of the website for their NYC showroom. product data collected there can be reviewed online. the project was lead by imagination and part of the site was made in collaboration with john maeda.

horlicks interactive side of sennep's website for the sleepy drink makers.