'Legion TV'

Yuri Pattison

An online art project commissioned by Legion TV.

The navigate-by-scroll interface reveals multiple interwoven layers of content that is fed - partially time dependent - from various archival sources. It also contains interactive 3d models of fragments of the meteor that fell to earth over Russia this year.


Samara Scott

A 43 level multi-popup online video art project commissioned by Legion TV. Samara arranged, combined and configured a selection of her mesmerising video footage. I developed the framework that enables the differently specified layouts to play in a sequencial loop.

short project info on the artrabbit website

Bryan Dooley

Bryan's web app 'Buffalo Bill' is the latest of the online art projects commissioned by Legion TV.

Visitors can assemble and paint objects onto an image to create a unique composition which they can download and print. Developed in html5/javascript with the excellent easelJs library.

artwork of the week on the dazed website

Shona Macnaughton

I helped Shona with the development of her online art project 'Vanitas Link Rot' with Legion TV.

It consists of collages that are linked to ads on the gumtree website. Once an ad page gets deactivated, the correspondent part of the collage disappears.

project info on Shona's website

Adham Faramawy

As part of my involvement with Legion TV, I helped Adham with the production of a commissioned desktop app, 'Total Flex 2'.

project info on Adham's blog

Legion TV

Launch of contemporary art space in London.

Ongoing support of their web-based projects.

Legion TV (archive)

Legion TV (magazine article)

Fine Art, Design, Development & Teaching - London
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Active support of contemporary art space in London.

Legion TV (archive)

Legion TV (magazine article)


Devicing of camera obscura boxes for Tate Britain.

'The Google Image Clock' for artist Perce Jerrom

Numina - website update to html5 and php technology.

'Mute Conversation' for artist Yuri Pattison

launch on ica website

Technical Support at University of the Arts London, UK

Tutorials in handling of Adobe Suite applications and workshops in creative coding / scripting applications.

Erasmus+ residency at Akademie der K√ľnste, Vienna.

Tutoring workshops in creative coding for art students.